Thursday, 15 March 2012

March Bellabox review

Ok. So on the previous post, I showed a photo of the various products I received from the March Bellabox which I've not tried at all.

Well I really wanted to do a quick review, because bellabox is going to send out their second box on Friday. Which is tomorrow. So hopefully, some of you would find this helpful. That is if you've not ordered the box, and you want to!! :D

Tried all the products in 1 day so my review might not be the most accurate (Which is seriously not that important because my skin type could be so different from yours! Plus you're supposed to try these samples to know if it works!) - but I could give a good gauge due to my experiences in skincare&cosmetic products. Of course, I'm going to be giving a break down of the VALUE you're getting this month! - IMPT + EXCITING!!

Dermalogical Multi Active Toner - $75 for 250ml
- What you're getting: 30ml. That is a $8.64 value.
I'm always a fan of dermalogical. So of course, I got no complains about the product. It doesn't smell of anything, and its good. However, there are a lot of good toners out there. Some people don't even need a toner! $75 for a toner is too much. No matter how much I love Dermalogical, I'm not buying it. I suggest investing in their scrub/skincare/cleanser though! :) BUT it is worth getting this month's bellabox because you get to try an expensive toner for cheap! :D yay for you. And you never know you might love it - and if you're super rich you could just go ahead and buy it.

Royal Cosmetics Royal Herb Ex Cream - $268 for 50ml
- What you're getting: 3g. Thats a $16.08 value.
Now just by looking at the value you're getting, bellabox is definitely worth it this month! Because you're only paying $15 for it. However, the price of this cream is a rip off. I will NEVER buy it. U can hard sell it to me, do whatever you want. I just won't buy it. Estee Lauder's Advance Night Repair is retailing for less than $150 for 50ml, and everyone of us know its good. I'd rather buy Estee Lauder. I don't care if there is real gold or what - which there is! And the gold flakes are pretty BIG as you could see there!

The above 2 photos are the before and after on my skin. The gold flakes really got adsorbed into your skin! Ok more like disappeared because I dont even know if it really is being adsorbed - and after applying it on for 15 minutes I did manage to see a lot shiny residue on my skin, which means, the thin gold flakes could have just been broken down as you rub it. I couldn't photograph that because I only have Iphone camera now! :( - But my skin did feel pretty smooth. Then again a lot of other creams does that. You are better off spending $200+ on real gold and wear it all the time - that is if gold really works for your skin! If you study Chemistry, you know that gold is one of the most nonreactive metal! So idk what its going to do for your skin.

Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Eye And Lip Cream - $75 for 15ml
- What you're getting: 7ml. That is a $35 value.
Now this product alone! is $35 value! And I'm pretty sure not much of us would spurge $75 on a eye cream just-like-that. 7ml is a great size for eye/lip cream! I'd really recommend just trying this month's box even if nothing else stand out to you. Caudalie is a good brand, and I've heard great reviews about their product. I am pretty happy to receive such a good size to try out. However would I spend $75 on a 15ml cream? IDK. Depends on how much I love it after finishing it I guess! :)

The blue light which makes me think there're scary loads of blue glitter...


Thick swatch w the blue light

On my lips - which looks really clear in reality.

Lus Illuminated Lip Gloss - $12.90 for 7ml
- What you're getting: Full sized, 7ml. That is a $12.90 value.
Well I love full sized products! And this product does look cute. However I did mentioned in my previous post that I dont think I'd use this color. That is because when I swatched it onn my hand, then the light shines, I felt like dying - omg blue GLITTERS and I HATE glitters, PLUS ITS BLUE SAVE ME! - but when I swatched it on my lips - 5th picture above, it just goes down to a clear gloss and I don't get much glitters when the gloss wear off.

So I might actually use this. Just that bear in mind the color pay off isn't good. You can get the pink you see in the tube if you smear fucking a lot of gloss but that is disgusting and not even practical to do that in Singapore. Consistency wise I kinda like it. Not sticky at alland shine is pretty nice.

A'Kin Hand, Nail And Cuticle Creme - $23.20 for 75ml
- What you're getting: 30ml. That is a $9.28 value.
Good size as well! And I've actually tried this product last time, but I didnt really like it because it doesn't dry fast. It feels slightly greasy. However, I see this as a really good moisturizer for people with really dry skin. I do like to use this on my legs though! :) Again, no funny smell.

So all in all, you're getting a whopping $81.90 value of products for a $15 bellabox this month! Plus you get a $50 Dermalogica Salon voucher - if you'd ever visit them -. Which I think is pretty worth it? Because out of the 5 samples, you have got 4 good sizes which includes 1 full sized item. The $200+ cream isn't my thing, and the size is kinda bad - what 3ml, what can I do with it. - but others are pretty good. If you're into skincare, go forth! :D Order them today so they could ship it tmr!

Hopefully this is helpful, and detailed eough? :D

Can you guess what she's doing? :D
- She's hugging me like I'm her lover!
NO - She's having sex with my hand. Humping me like crazy!!!

Note: I'm not sponsored by bellabox. All comments are true.

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