Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My rabbit bites me! - AGAIN.

Ok. I love wobert and I love whino.

However, wobert (black rabbit) is a little aggressive. But she is fucking smart. She know how to dismantle a metal cage, also knows how to layer paper boxes and jump out of the cage. She even knows when to respond to me calling her! Like if I'm just feeling bored and I want her to run to me to kiss me and lick me, she'd ignore me. Either that or she just sits around and look at me like, 'ok so wtf u want frm me human. I just wanna mind my own business......' BUT once I've got food around, and I call for her, she DASH out like lightning, slide across the room just to make sure she reaches the food before whino. Fuck sometimes I think wobert is a human in disguise.

So I was hand feeding wobert and whino like I normally do. Wobert got jealous. So as I fed whino, wobert charges forward, and chase whino away. THEN she jumps onto me and grabbed off the food off mah hands! And then bite me accidentally. :(

Ok yes byebye nail polish too. I washed my hands in running water and pressed it against tissue. Look at how much blood there is. Told yah wobert is a blood thirsty animal! Second nail ruined too. :( Forget me saying that I'm killing myself if my nails are ruined. I'm not killing myself! dam.

Wobert then realised she bite my hand. And she got guilty. Gently and slowly, she went back to her cage, lies there and put her head on the floor. As if she's saying sorry, but in a proud way. She didn't even fight with me when I close her cage! She just lie there and look at me with her big big eyes.

SO CUTE! I love wobert!!!! She's dam fat lately. Omg I didnt even feed her palettes anymore. She just LOVE food la. Like me. hehe.

OMGGG thats how she looks at me when she thinks I'm holding foooood~~~

Whino! Whino is well behaved. He wouldn't bite me, wouldn't charge at people and demand for food. But he does stand up when he thinks I've got food~ He doesn't know how to respond to his name yet though.

Muahahaha soooo cuteeeee! Ok enough, my bf loves whino more than wobert. So I got to love wobert more to balance out. :D yay.

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