Saturday, 10 March 2012


So, I went for a shopping trip with one of my best friends-CHY or Rachael! For god-knows-how-many-years.

She got a $150 sephora voucher for her birthday! So we went on a crazy spree and spent everything. :D Ok its just her. I suck, I didn't get anything from sephora because I was eye-ing on some Chanel Foundations...

Just look at how happy we are after shopping&buying! :D yay yay yay. Yes she's caught cam whoring.

Still cam whoring~

K enough of her. Time for what I bought muahaha.

CHY got vouchers for Newlooks too! So we went there.. And then I saw this graphic skirt...
Yay new skirt. Not the shirt though, too sheer. Blew $29.90, but CHY spent like $90 altogether. :D Shopaholic!

I think I don't dislike roses that much now. Probably because it goes well with my curtain. :D

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