Thursday, 22 March 2012

Antoinette and Macaroons!

Ok so I posted the photos but forgot to type anything! Silly me.

Went to antoinette with a friend the other day - really miss her. Alot.

Wide array of choices!

Some dark chocolate rum cake which taste super super good! Caibei I'm sure you'd love this. Ok chy and all my other friends too. No one would hate this. Its so good.

This cake looks so pretty that I CANT BEAR TO EAT IT! Ok both of us cant bear to eat it. :D But it taste pretty good. I thought its some strawberry/rose stuff but not its not - it actually tastes pretty creamy! Not too sweet as well. This is one of their best sellers.

Ok this is their signature stuff. I don't even know how to describe it - its that good.

And of course, my Morocco mint tea! And..........

I'm a happy girl.

The next day I went out for a walk and kept thinking of macaroons! I've never tried it before, and even though antoinette carries damn a lot of them, I kept thinking that CAKES ARE BETTER! So I ended up not trying these forever! Finally couldn't take it anymore and bought one to try! :D Well, too sweet.
But it'd go well with bitter coffee - my love.


  1. Pls bring me there 1 day!:D Your treat! hehehes

  2. WAHHH!! okok if i manage to get free voucher! Hahaha! Eh dam ex ok. My friend and I got 2 pots of tea + 3 cakes = $48++.