Thursday, 8 March 2012

KONY 2012

Support them here:
Well I know some people dislike this a lot from the obvious part that making this movie and posters etcetcetc cost $$$ instead of going straight to the children blahblahblah.

Think about it. How long could those money last without more people knowing about this, and hence more donation for them. Why would anyone care if no one knows about this. I'm going to use an example totally irrelevant to this...
You are a business person, hoping to make more money. So you don't want to spend money by investing in model, photographers, makeup artists, advertisement. You just open a shop at a cheapest rate, in some ulu places and hope it'd grow. That is why the grocery store downstairs never made it big but LV, Dior, Chanel made it.

Kony and his troop shall be arrested.

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