Sunday, 4 March 2012

Art Exhibition

I woke up at 6am yesterday for a bridal makeup! :) Hate waking up in the mornings. But the job was great! The best comment/feeling upon each job is to hear 'hmm you'r makeup is great! I like it.' This lady was even saying that she's going to recommend me to her sis! Haha! Though her sis is only 21Y-O. :P

Art Exhibition immediately after that! Went to NAFA to find this place.
Woodblock Prints

A really quiet place with not much people inside. We stayed there for 3+ hours and never a moment was there over 5 people in this place. :/

And... These are the woodblocks! :)
The art to these paintings is that pictures would be carved out from wood blocks, then painted, and then stamped onto paper.

Well I don't want to pretend like I really know about the history of this type of art so I'm not going to elaborate much onto it. Just telling what I know:
Woodblock paintings works as 'photocopy machine' in the past. Used to print texts/pictures in early books. Then transformed itself to art pieces later, mainly because this method is cheap, widely available, and it allows the poorer group of artists to express their views etc.

Alright thats about it. Not that I know anything much more. :P

Do note that you are not allowed to take pictures in this place though! :D I got these because I didn't know it wasn't allowed initially. Till they stopped me. D: Pretend like you didn't know about it if you need pictures though :P I don't really see a point in stopping people from taking pictures. What can a piece of art do if its just sitting around.... Lying in some corners. NOTHING. Well in this case, maybe a tool to make money because they're collecting details of people who wants to purchase the publications. The guards told us that they used to allow photo taking. So just pretend you didn't know you're not allowed to take pictures........

And - I chopped my hair! Not alot shorter because its time for me to play w my hair again~ But I chooped my fringe ytd, and thinned out my hair a little. Need to cut my bf's hair soon too. Post pics next time!

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