Monday, 5 March 2012

Pictures of me! + Nail Polish of the day

Ok so some familiar faces - again, in case you're missing~

I finally decided tt I'm soo slack these days on makeup part, so I woke up pretty early, showered, grabbed my makeup and smear it all over mah face. Hahaha..

Not that you could see much of makeup though, but I'm still wearing my pajamas. :D

Slightly clearer here. I used naked palette for my eyes.
Virgin all over the eyelid&brow bone
Smog & Dark Horse in the crease , sweep it slightly higher
Maybelline line stiletto eyeliner
ELF Brow Powder
Stila Bronzer
Boujois Blush - 16 Rose
Maybelline matte powder
Estee Lauder double wear Light foundation
Revlon matte pink pout lipstick
NYX MARS round lipstick
Nars eyeshadow brush
Nars Yachiyo brush
Tarte amazonian clay mascara

OK! Here you go, pictures of whatever I've used incase I missed anything out! :D

Glasses! This is around 7 hours after applying the makeup? I'm in daddy's office.

And then, on the way home, my bf had been laughing at my nails. He said its ridiculous because colors are coming off and I'm so lazy to re-paint~~~

So. I decided to remove the polish and re-paint it :D w00t!

Before..... Ok now don't laugh I'm sure your nails look like this sometimes too! :D

First coat. Ok horrible.


This polish is by Revlon - Minted
I love the color! But its not the easiest nail polish to paint. Seriously, if this comes out in 2 days I'm going to kill myself.
Anyway, I was so happy of the color etc and I went to show off to my bf. Till he says..........
'HAHAHA this looks like the color of the wall in my room!!!'

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