Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Lipsticks!

Watsons is having 15% off for all cosmetics!! Members 7% extra off. So of course, I had to go in and check if there's anything I want~~~

Ended up with 2 lippies! 1 from Canmake, 1 from Revlon. Both my favorite brands in watsons!! :D Esp canmake's bronzer. My holy grill!!

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge - Misty Orange 02
Freaking nice packaging!! I couldn't say no to it. Hehehe... Drools when I see the packaging. DROOLSx10 when I see the color~~~

YES! Isn't this the prettiest peach color on earth? Like ever. SUPER NICE. I watsapp Caibei the photo almost immediately! And then she went watsons to get it too! HEHEHE. Bad influence. muahahaha.

Also got Revlon Colorstay Lip Butters - Peach Parfait
I dont know why didn't I get this from my drugstore spree last month. Maybe because its OOS, maybe because I just wasn't attracted to it. But I've heard so much good reviews! So I decided to give it a go since watsons is having such a good discount. :D muahaha.

Here's the swatch of the 2 colors!
L: Peach Parfait
R: Misty Orange
Peach parfait almost looks a little old besides the fleshy peachy misty orange! But you got to admit that peach parfait looks super shiny, giving off that hydrated look.

Here's the swatch of them on my lips:
Ok before looking at them. Sorry only took photo of my lips because I'm lazy to put on any makeup, not even concealer or foundation etc. I've yet to fully recover from my fever. Boo. Oh ya I fell sick for 2.5 days aldy btw.

Misty orange.

Peach Parfait

Ok yes skin doesnt look perfect when I am sick ok. Besides, I do have some pores around.... :(

Revlon one makes ur lips look more moisturized, nice color too. Canmake one is really good for a lipstick! The coverage is really really good, plus it is pretty shiny too. It is surprisingly moisturizing for a lipstick. Misty Orange in particular, makes your whole face appear brighter and not as dull. So dingding~ if you like brighter complexion. :D

I dont really like revlon's peach parfait though, because of the glitters. I HATE GLITTERS. Once the color wears off, the glitters would be left on your lips, and then say hello to the world. That sucks. If you don't mind that, peach parfait is a pretty great color I feel!
As for Canmake, IDK, i cant think of any bad stuff. Apart from the fact that now I feel like going to watsons again to buy the other 2 colors they have!!! :D

Revlon: $12++
Canmake: $15++
Prices stated are after 7+15% off. Sorry cant rmb exact, I lost my receipt. :P


  1. Go get it! Arg I'm thinking of getting 1&3.. Hehehehehehehe...