Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Ok before showing off my nails I got to show this photo that my bf took in my room ytd.
Oh ya I bought my Camera charger finallyyyyyy! :D

Honey star bear!!!!!!! :D and as for that monster I forgot what movie that is but I do remember that I love that movie.

Anyway the story behind the bear. One day, my bf came and he starting smiling in the most sneaky way. Then he came into my room, stand in front of me and go..
Him: Hehe! I got a surprise for u. *Shows shy face + shy smile, throw the gift at me and RAN off to toilet*
Me: *stare at the gift thinking it must be a damn big surprise or what - and fuck in the end its just a honey bear that he didn't even bother wrapping! But still its dam stupid and funny so I started laughing * HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Him: hehehe do u like it? my friend in the swim team got that in his honey bear packet and he said, 'lol too childish, nah give u!'
Me: -.- so u didn't even bother buying some lame gift for me........

Ok nails. So the rose on my left hand decided to give way today. FINALLY. After like oo exactly 10 days! :D Which is good, because I Caibei FINALLY passed me my 3 new nail polishes!!! :D One of them I've already shown in last post when caibei painted for me.

That's Essie's Sand Tropez. Now it is only today, when I was going to remove my nail colors that I realise I got a color that looks almost identical! So I painted on my middle finger above. Now from the photo its quite clear la, my middle finger is of a different color but in reality, I CANT TELL THE DIFFFFF. Dam so now I got 2 almost exact colors......... :( oh I painted the 3rd finger OPI's Ti-Tan Your Toga btw.

My right hand still look fine~ Even though my polishes already chipping away~

Ok so the other 2 colors caibei passed me are: Essie's Lady like and OPI's Mermaid's Tears
I'm dying to try both of them, so I thought of a brillient idea - combining them!! :D

:D Not bad right? :D :D The green color is actually the OPI one, and the dusty pikish purple is Essie's color. Dam and I just thought of sth bad... I ordered the hunger games China glaze collection in Dress me up!!! GOSH I hope its not the same thing again~~~ *Pray hard X100*
But I'm super proud of my nails. :D till my bf brings me down again and say it reminded him of Hitler. Wtf has my nails got to do with that evil man?!

Wobert and Whino!

No idea what they're looking at. FOOOD.

Whino pleading for food! :D muahaha love it when whino stands like this! Cutest thing on earth!

OMG~ and wobert is even cuter. :D Wobert is such a cute girl!

lol gosh look at how greedy she looks..... LOL


  1. wow how did you "custom" your nails? haha

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  2. Haha I just do whatever that comes into my mind! :) I'm not that great at it either. Haha. Anyway saw your blog!Thank you for visiting!!