Sunday, 18 March 2012

random stuffs

Just a couple of photos showing what I've been up to, or what I'm like most of the time.

3 days back, 4am in the morning. I got up and couldn't sleep anymore. Fed my rabbits, swept the floor, mopped, showered. and I took a stroll down to the closest Mcdonalds at 6am.


Ordered the most sinful breakfast there. Ate alone. For 1.5hours.... Oh and I created twitter! klykelly05. Nothing better to do. I don't even know how to follow people dam.

Went back home, rest, washed some clothes, did a bit of stretching exercises. And some random shit which I can't rmb what I've done honestly.

Got changed, did my makeup. Time to go, just to find out that the MRT broke down. Had to take taxi to meet Caibei. Which I should have updated this in the previous post!

But anyway, its damn freaking awkward. I was wearing a little shorts and high heels, with pretty thick makeup. When I reached Chinatown mrt station in Taxi, I can't help but noticed a lot of weird uncles looking at me. Like.. ALOT. Straight away I was like... "fuck are they thinking that I'm a chicken?!" So I almost ran to find Caibei. Luckily it was just a short walk before I find her. :D

As for the shopping and photo taking part, it's pretty much in the last post. But~ Caibei did my nails!! :D


After! :D Now noticed that I did nothing to my 4th nail - because I wanted to see how long it could last not dropping off!! Omg dam surprised. Its still on my finger now. Though I mop floor, wash clothes whatever with hand almost everyday!!!! :D SHOW OFF.totally.

Ok anyway back to my nails... I showed off to my bf again - like always, he started laughing and go.. SUSHI NAILSSSS! HAHAHA.

Me: What exactly is with you and your stupid sushi?! This is obviously nice nails not sushi!!!
Bf: Its sushi! Lool, the white stones around the black thing looks like rice, and then the black thing looks like my favorite fish eggie~ yummy sushi.
Me: What about the rose...
Bf: No one cares about that its just sushi.

Seriously? My nails doesn't look like sushi right?! Oh and he once said my fingers look like french fries or something. DAM!

Then yesterday, I went out to help caibei with her blogshop shoot! Did makeup for her, her friend lixue and lixue's friend Jiayuen. I will update the photos once I get them! Super excited. I should have taken their before and after photos!!! LOL

My brushes and bag! I organised them back nicely once I was done with the 3 girls. Neat right. :D

Then the 3 girls and the photographers went off for the shoot and left me alone to look after the bags. I got to munch on the little nuggets!

Ya and after the munching was when I felt like killing people. Their shoot took like 1 hour for each person at least? So I ended up waiting there like a sian log for 3.5hours! Felt like peeing but I cant leave the bags there! Damn it and my phone card got invalid all of a sudden also? So I just sat there, wanting to pee for like ever! Luckily they came back before I peed my skirt. :D

Did this hairstyle while waiting! :D

Wobert's like...

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