Saturday, 3 March 2012

SPF in Foundation VS white cast in photos - how to prevent it + loose powder

So my gd friend asked me this today.
"You got a DSLR, but I don't see you posting photos taken using it!"
Well yeh. True that. But I LOST my charger!! I've packed my entire room few days back. And when I pack, I really packed everything by hand. So should the charger be in my room, I'd have found it! DAM. I must have threw it out accidentally. D:

Please sell it to me if you don't need a nikon camera battery charger :D

So this is the last photo from my SD card. LOL. And more photos from Iphone instead of camera till I get a charger... OR till my gd friend charge my battery for me! :D YAY.

I wore this out for valentine's day date! And I think I look a little weird there. Hmm its the sunscreen in my foundation. :(

Do note that Sunscreen is not the most scary thing to put on if you're going to be taking pictures though! It is only scary during special occasions where you'll be facing crazy amt of flashes! Or, photo taking sessions that the camera man place the flash within half meters to your face. :D A basic SPF of 20 is good for everyday use. In the photo, I'm wearing Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation, camera+flash within 45cm or so because I took my own photo via the camera.

Some things I noticed about sunscreen vs flash though. Most liquid foundations don't actually show obvious casts unless the flash is really near. However, BB creams show crazy casts! Any BB cream, including a SPF20 bb cream. So I read the ingredient list etc, and found sth fun! Titanium dioxide! Thats the reason for the obvious white cast. Titanium dioxide is used in almost all the BB creams as sunscreen, as well as to thicken the consistency of the BB cream. Liquid foundation however, do not use it. That is why BB creams are usually really thick while foundations are pretty liquidy. Titanium dioxide is also used in a lot of cosmetic products like eyeshadows etc to improve the opacity. Eyeshadow colors are often not that much affected by it though. Must have something to do with the amount used.

So what happens if you only own one bottle of liquid foundation but it comes with SPF. And it so happens that the bottle of foundation is expensive. (Lancome, dior, shu uemura etc always has a SPF of 20 or so for their foundation!) So you want to wear it out, yet you're worried about the white cast in case of photo taking.
Get yourself a tub of loose powder/pressed powder with NO shimmer or SPF OR any reflective materials eg silica powder(note tt this product is perfectly ok if not in excess). Use a powder puff and press the loose powder like you normally would. This helps alot in 'blocking' the light from the sunscreen chemicals, so these chemicals takes no chance in reflecting the lights off! :D
You killed lots of birds using this no brainer trick, because:
- loose powder makes your makeup last longer
- minimizes your pores if used correctly (PRESS the powder on with a good powder puff)
- Oil control, shine reduction
- looking more air brushed if used correctly (PRESS the powder on with a good powder puff)
My top recommendations for loose powder/pressed powder:
High end: Chanel. It is the BEST loose powder I've tried. Beat every other brands. But its fucking ex. $75 for 30g of product. Which means $2.50 ea gram. A plate of chicken rice.
Drugstore: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder but I think this is not sold in SG. D: OR ELF HD powder, but do not use in excess, its silica based. Its fine with little usage. :D

Ok done with sunscreen stuff! :DI hope you learnt something, and give me suggestions on topics that interests you! :D

And. Nice song for you. :D Or hot guy if you like him.

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