Saturday, 31 March 2012

Girls night out.

Ok. Photo heavy post. (:

One of my new shirt from H&M! I wanted the white color one but it was out of stock. D: And this orange piece happens to be the last one! So I had to get it. Hehe. I think there should be some black ones left now though. Dam weird. They've got another piece of the same material, but cost $49.90. The only difference is the collar and the place its made in! Mine doesn't have the obvious collar, and its from Bangladesh. The other one has the office shirt collar and its made in either US or UK. HUGE PRICE DIFF!!!! Mine's only $14.90!! G-O-S-H, HAPPINESS.

NEW WATCH! I finally received my Lipsy Watch from ASOS! Its 45Pounds ~ 100sgd. Been wanting to get a dress watch for a really long time, and I've been eyeing this one for a few months already. Since my birthday is coming, I looked at my bf and said, 'ok. don't crack your brain for bd gift. Just get me that.' YES!!!!! :D

cute box it came with - k I lied, I really don't give a damn about the box. Its really not that nice. :X Sorry lipsy, you need a much better packaging for watch of this price. D:

Caibei's birthday present!! I'm 2 months+ late! Yes yes I'm a bad friend - very very bad friend. D: But I think I did get her exciting stuff inside that cute packaging!!!! :D

I didn't take a photo of whats inside though. Haha but what I got for her is:
- Wet&wild 6 pan palette
- Maybelline tattoo eyeshadow - Bad to the bronze
- The bodyshop baked blush duo
Alright the obvious reason why I only got her the present now... I only received the maybelline tattoo eyeshadow 2 days back!!! I waited like near 3months!!!! It was OOS LIKE CRAZY! And I got her 2 shades initially. Of which, one is oos till now. So yupps, I switched it to the wet&wild palette. :D :D Out of the 3 products, 2 of them are not available in SG! So yeh I hope I sound like a better friend now. *Guilty max!* lollll.
BTW: she aldy got her gift ytd! Thats why I dare to post the content. hehe.

on my eyes: Bold Gold (Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow)
I really love this color! I thought I'd like bad to the bronze, which is highly raved on youtube. But then I realise bad to the bronze is really like my eyelid color! I'm pretty dark so the color really doesnt show on me at all. It'd be a perfect shade on fairer ladies like caibei! :D

Then I complete my face with the above products!
- Loreal Infallible eyeshadow - Iced Latte (LOVE THIS! Best inner eye corner color!!!!!! If you're around my skintone, NC37, GET THIS.)
- Loreal Infallible eyeshadow - Continuous Cocoa (LOVE again!)
- Revlon lip butter - Peach Parfait (Not a fan of this color. I've only used it twice so far. I think I'm gonna sell it. argh. Email me if you want this. Haiz.)
- Q tip, Nars large crease brush

Completed look. :) Very natural look in reality!

Had our meal at Manna Story - Plaza Sing. Really great korean food here! Recommended!!

Caibei's order. Some beef thing + rice. lol

Mine! LOADED with seafood!!! Taste really really good! :D

More food - Fruit Paradise

Caibei! Haha she just opened her birthday gift I think. :D Happy girl.

My bf's fav photo - ok more like he thinks this is funny - he said I look like a NERD. Ok, its alright I guess. I dont mind! hahaha.

Caibei and I, taken using caibei's Polaroid!

And then the food at fruit paradise - I've dont think I received such bad service at fruit paradise before! But caibei and I waited for more than 30minutes for them to serve us our cakes!!! Some more we approached the staff TWICE already! And it still took so long. F***! ok fuck.

But I like the fruit cakes so bobian I guess.

My new nail polishes!!!!!! :D YAY!!!!!!!! hunger game series!!!
Smokes and Ashes
Luxe and Lush
Dress me up
I'm gonna try to use all 3 colors for my next DIY nails! :D Stay excited ~~~~


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