Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fighting Rabbits

I don't like seeing what's happening now. I don't.

It took me a month or so to fully bond my rabbits together. They've been staying in the same cage, licking each other, sleeping together and eating happily for a good month or so now. And tonight they started fighting like crazy! The worst part is, Whino was the one who started the fight! Whino is usually pretty gentle and he'd never bite me.

Today, he went crazy and bite off Wobert's fur like crazy. I tried stopping them immediately. Successful, Whino ran off, and Wobert just lies down there, looking really scared. Not too long later, Whino charged towards Wobert again and fights like crazy! Jumping and biting eachother.

I quickly put my hands between them and Wobert thought I'm Whino - She bite the hell outta my hand.

This part of your finger don't normally bleed because there isn't much blood veins there. But my entire skin actually got partially ripped off - cant see in the photo because I covered the ripped off skin back. Not Wobert's fault though, I didn't blame her at all. Rabbits doesn't have great eyesight especially when you're near her. That is why she bite so hard. But the pain was really unbearable. This is the first time after a few years I actually cried when I bleed. I don't even cry when I fell down and hurt both of my knees, both bleeding like crazy.

Oh well, I read all FAQ on 'why rabbits fight' - none are useful. :( Feels like crap. I'm keeping Wobert in the cage now, and Whino out. Hopefully they'd bond again.

2 hours ago they were still eating together happily, licking eachother's butt and following each other around to explore my room. I just feel so upset, don't even feel like painting nails anymore. :'( Poor rabbits.

But anyway, people. Please do not get rabbits thinking they're easy to take care of, or they don't stink. They're a lot more than you think. Could be even worse than babies! When I visit daddy, I couldn't even stay over at his place because I'd need to worry about whether my rabbits had food to eat/water to drink at night. I can't leave the country as when I like because then who's going to take are of them. So far they've bitten off 5 sets of computer wires/fiber optics wire etcetc, my bag, my shoes, my worksheets, my face charts.. So on.

This is just a part of the thinking process you got to go through. I'd probably write a full post of bunny care only when I think I'm fully ready for it, and that I understand my bunnies totally.

But before that, just think twice before getting any pet, unless you genuinely love them. Like I do! I love my bunnies.

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