Thursday, 1 March 2012


So my boyfriend decided to cook something for me today. So he went to the nearest Cold Storage to get some pork, beef, mushroom, old cucumber etcetcetc.

And then, I ended up cooking e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. D:

I took some photos of the stuff bought, but I forgot to take picture of end product. Apart from the soup! Because I'm still drinking it now. :D :D

Er there's pork inside too. Forgot to take photo

YAY! :D Super yummy.

Stir friend vegg also. :D My bf requested for this because he's been missing this dish I used to cook everything for a year plus already. Poorboy.
End product, forgot to take. Well you got to enter our tummy to take a look. :D

And stew beef.

Beef. ok Idk why I bothered to say its beef... There's a beef drawn on the packaging!



And you get the best tasting beef stew EVER!

Fried rice noodles

Egg and capsicum and mushroom. :D

Ok I know I know wtf I took before photo and forgot about the after... Well they taste good, ate it, happy girl here! :D