Monday, 12 March 2012


So one of my best friends - Caibei showed me a photo of her newly painted nails today! And then I realise how lazy I am at painting my nails since my old nail color has been destroyed by my rabbit and I've yet to re-do it.

After some considerations, Caibei suggests me to do a red color on my nail because I don't think she's ever seen me in red. PLUS, I FORGOT I actually had a red polish! dam.

Its from Essie: Tiny Wine-ey, that came out last year as the Christmas collection!

So this is how it looks like after 2 coats! :) Pretty good I'd say!

Ok another photo which is much clearer than the previous I think, and it is true to color, almost 100%! :D This red is a older red I feel, not as young as some orange-red out there, but definitely flattering on Asian skin tones! Very festiv type of red I'd say.

Then my boyfriend was complaining how I didn't draw any flowers on my nails like I did in the past - He laughs at me and say my flowers on my nails SUCK thats why I gave up! GAH!

Then I realize that I had a packet of nail stuffs that I got from Diaso a year back!!! EXCITED! Because I always wanted to do something interesting to my nails, but never tried because I'm lazy and I'm always too busy.

*HINT-HINT* Guess how my nails would look like! :D :D :D

Te-dah! For a first timer, this is pretty damn good ok! Yes thats how I feel and you should feel it too. I'm not a fan of roses though, but it looks not bad for a $2 packet of stuff bought from Diaso. So I'm not complaining. :D

Hehehehehe. SO HAPPYYY

Both my hands look equally nice. YAY.

Cam whore my nails. :D

Sisters, if you enjoy manicures, 3D nails, why not try to DIY yourself! :) Ok you're probably going to think I suck or what, but I've never ever ever been to a manicure/pedicure before. Simply because had I wanted anything 3D, the price would shoot up to like $20 each nail at least. Or $100+ per hand even for a home salon. It is true that they do a better job at it, but for $100, I could buy a pair of 24k golden earrings! Probably quite a big one some more. Moreover, its seriously fucking cheap to buy those blings or fake roses or whatever. I'm left with quite some blings n fake pearls and polishes after doing this.
Nail poslish: $10
Diaso Nail Kit: $2
Top coat: $10
Nail File: $1.50
These could probably last you at least 20X DIY Manicure! Ok maybe you need to buy more diaso nail kit though. :D Or just cot out the old blings from your phone, unwanted earrings... or whatever. Its pretty easy to cut metal. I used nail clippers. :D

And yes yes yes I know gel 3D nails last longer and stuff but it doesn't make sense for you to keep it till your old nails grow out. Then it wouldn't look as good anymore! Plus after that you got to spend like 60+-80+$$ to get the gel nails removed! :! Mine is done using clear nail polishes, which I dont think would last very long, but if you're careful enough, I say it should last around 3 - 4 days, up to a week if clear polish was re-applied. :D

Ok I hope this post is interesting enough, because I'm satisfied with my nails now~
Though my boyfriend laugh at it and says it looked exactly like some freaking sushi he ate. DAMMIT!

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